Each Pipers Gilley is handcrafted from furniture grade tubing and finished in gloss black. Rubber table tops are available in green (shown here), yellow, blue or red. Fast set-up! After the Reformation in Scotland, when the playing of the pipes was frowned upon by the austere Scottish divines, the use of the pipes was greatly discontinued in the lowlands. It was the Highlands, therefore, which became the stronghold of the practice of bagpipe music. Each clan Chief had his hereditary piper, whose position was an important one. He had lands for his support and was of superior rank to the other members of the Chief's retinue. On occasions of ceremony, as, for instance, on a visit to a neighbour, the chief of a Highland clan was attended by his tail. The tail was composed of the henchman; the bard or poet; the bladier or spokesman; the gillemore or bearer of the broadsword; the gillecasflue, whose business it was to carry the chief over fords; the gulleconstraine, who led the chief in dangerous passes; the gulletruishanarnish, or carrier of the baggage; the piper; and lastly the piper's gilley who, as his master was always a gentleman, carried the pipes. Source: The Tartans of the Clans of Scotland. History of the Pipers Gilley Piper's Gilley Bagpipe Stand & Workstation Copyright © 2011 2012 The Pipers Gilley All rights reserved Click to enlarge Patent pending Activate the product warranty Receive free product updates Purchase replacement parts Enroll in our referral program * Already have one? Register it here ... * Hover here for details Matt Willis, The Killdares Celtic Rock Band Used and endorsed by piper Matt Willis of The Killdares, Celtic Rock Band.