“It is a proverb in Scotland, namely, the stately step of a piper. When required, he plays at meals and in the evening as to divert the guests with music when the chief has company with him. His gilley holds the pipes till he begins”. As any piper knows when your pipes are put away you tend to play them less. The Pipers Gilley keeps your pipes ready for you to pick up and play anytime, which means you will play them more often. In addition, pipe maintenance has never been easier. Our unique round, built-in table with rolled lip means no sharp edges to snag your pipe bag. Middle drone support bar eliminates pressure on tunning pins. Thick padded table top provides a great workspace anywhere you are. Easily sets up in seconds, keeps pipes in "ready to play" condition Built-in work table with thick rubber top for easy pipe maintenance Piper's Gilley folds up when not in use Center drone support prevents pull on base drone Never bang your wood, silver or ivory together again. Keeps pipes prominently displayed and in “ready to play” condition. Built-in work table for easy pipe maintenance. Bag hangs free, prevents damage to moisture control systems. Folding stand sets up in seconds. Round workstation table top means no sharp corners. Thick rubber matting top is available in green, red, yellow & blue. Handcrafted from high quality furniture grade steel. Durable black gloss finish. Light weight and easy to carry. Take care of your bagpipes! Copyright © 2011 2012 The Pipers Gilley All rights reserved Click to enlarge Patient pending Product Registration