Copyright © 2011 2012 The Pipers Gilley All rights reserved My Mom This area is dedicated to my Mom. She was the best Mom ever and I miss her so much. She passed away on May 12th 2010. She was my life and my soul. She believed in me when no one else did. She was a great friend to all her knew her and everyone she met. She was a artist, woodworker, a wonderful cook and she believed in the power & kingdom our creator, God. She also loved her Scottish heritage and was devoted to her clan, clan Forsyth. My Mom believed in the goodness of man regardless of race, creed, color, ideology or religion. She was what we all should strive to be. In a world of confusion, she was my guiding light, instilling in me a sense of morality that knows no compromise. She fiercely loved her children. We were “the jewels of her crown”. And what a crown we had to shine upon. She is greatly missed.   Mom & Me - Joseph Gerald Cain Jr. Product Registration